On Bad Life Decisions

People around me keep falling apart, and I am powerless to stop them.

…which sounds really vain (what, like it’s my job to?) and pretentious (what, like I could if I tried?), neither of which I intend.

(I met the person I could’ve become if I’d stayed in my old line of work, and he was a mess, and that was I guess a relief, but I don’t mean him.)

I mean people close to me. They just keep spiraling down. And I’m not actually that close so I can’t really even say anything and when I do it’s just like “hey, you there, you look, uh, in need of more help than I can possibly offer you with my meager years and experience.” EVERY TIME. And then if that prod doesn’t work I flee, so as not to watch it all come to a head. They used to ask for help. It was awkward but at least I had that to work with, had that reason to even open my mouth. Now the decisions are the same but the people are smarter and they feel worse for making them. So they just go down this black hole.

Also, I am surrounded by women who treat the men in their lives abominably. Seriously. What. Is. Wrong. With. You.


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