It doesn’t just happen to girls starving themselves to get movie star thin.

I am watching people construct pinterest boards around a person they aren’t. A life they don’t have but are forcing on others. You can’t make your significant other into Beaver Cleaver’s dad by deluging him with pictures of drooling two year olds giggling. You can’t make Revolutionary Road into a hospitable place by changing the damn drapes.

I wonder if it would have been easier for these people if there weren’t so many channels through which they could wage this this-is-what-our-life-should-be-like war. I know you’d have to go way, way back, and even then you’d still have religious people and family and community members telling you who to be. But maybe if you just didn’t have the images. Maybe it would help. At the very least, maybe you wouldn’t have all this media telling you you could change people. Maybe you’d have the sense not to bind yourself to someone who would set about making you into someone you never were or wanted to be.

Because from what I can see, that appears to be a horrible process.


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