why not?

I will do Script Frenzy this year. I care less for the genre than prose but with description, that which I value most, taken out, I know I can plow through a good bit of material without a second thought (and have done so many times in the past).

I don’t even have to try and come up with a plot. It’s all right here. Thankfully there are now enough characters in my life that I know longer have to be one of them. The novels I wrote always ended up troubling me as I wrote them; I tried too hard to become the character I modeled after who I, well, wished I were. I don’t think that will be a problem this time. I have no part in this drama and want none, except that of its archivist.

Unrelated, mostly: Script Frenzy’s site design is very classy. NaNo should take note for this fall.


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