Maybe another tiny revelation about The Riders is that I like it because it’s about a guy and his daughter. I don’t care about fathers and sons. Fathers have fucked it up with sons since time immemorial. Hit them, told them they were shit, believed that through showering them with women and wine they could turn them into good people, left whole kingdoms to them that the sons then pissed away. And sure, okay, there are the slimeballs who abuse their daughters too. But it is the father-son relationship people wrote whole laws/novels/philosophies about. A father’s power over his son—his power to remake himself there—is grossly overrated.

This tale of a father and daughter isn’t about leaving some miniature clone out there somewhere. It’s about this guy loving his kid so much he asks her forgiveness, for his flaws…and about him seeking the strength to carry the both of them through the shit his flaws landed them in. Not so she can carry on the family bullshit, but because he loves her, plain and simple.

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