“the chattering classes”

Why are we using this phrase again? Let it die. That last link’s picture? That’s what that connotes. I don’t care if it’s been in vogue since 1980. It’s anachronistic. The ability to talk at length about political issues does not banish you to some separate frippery class outside of the usual hierarchy, deserving of scorn. We have the terms “wonk” and “pundit” and can leverage all the pleasure or distaste necessary into those terms in their delivery. We do not need this agonizingly 19th-century-sounding phrase. We don’t have money for drawing rooms anymore, didn’t you get the memo? We watch Downton Abbey because if we had the money for a drawing room or a dress snaking glimmering beads down our backs we’d be using that money to pay off student loans or to get surgery for messed-up parts of our bodies or to move closer to our dying parents. And then we still wouldn’t have the damn drawing rooms. So enough with the “chattering classes” already.

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