in other news…

…reading cancer help forums is upsetting:

“I question if I am doing the right thing. Maybe I should bring him to another doctor to see if they can do anything. This is sad. He can’t walk hardly talks, and can’t eat. Today I tried everything, eggs, creme of wheat chicken, mash pototoes nothing, but a cup of tea. He just about can get all the medicine down and by the time he swallows the water or tea he is full. I guess this is just the disease. If he was boucing back which he always did then I guess he would be able to try another treatment. Then I say how can he try something else when he lost so much weight, how could he body stand any more. To me it is so hard to see him like this, he was a man who had a great appetiate, always clowning around and full of life. Its said when they have tried so hard to compat this disease and wind up like this. Didn’t they suffer enough.”


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