river of stars!

Hey! Guy Gavriel Kay came out with a new book! I stumbled onto this by accident while trying to google up a map for The Last Light of the Sun. (Not shipping the book with a map? Come on! I know times are tough, but I NEED my fantasy maps!) It came out quite recently, in fact: The AV Club reviewed it last week. I hate reviews because I wish to know nothing about the book before I start, and I stopped reading once it started going into plot, but I’m going to quote their first paragraph for you, because you’ll listen to them:

In a culture where Game Of Thrones is supplanting The Lord Of The Rings as the model for fantasy storytelling, the novels of Guy Gavriel Kay demand more attention. His novels, like George R.R. Martin’s, are historically based, tragic, feminist, and subversive of the accepted forms of high fantasy. Kay’s skill is in taking well-known premises, usually historical, and using them to build tragedy. Two good friends and better men get forced into fighting one another thanks to the rise of extremist religion during the Crusades, or one man falls for a powerful woman even as she conspires against all his patrons and friends. His characters are typically heroes, in that they are smarter, wiser, kinder, and stronger than their contemporaries, but they are never typical fantasy heroes in that they can change the course of history. They are subject to more powerful forces, and those forces are unkind.

Oh hell yes.


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