marathon training day 1 : a change of shoes

So, this happened to my Skoras:


I’ve had them for five weeks.

I’m told it was a manufacturing defect, and am waiting for replacements in the mail. But that means the five weeks I spent breaking in the shoes I planned to run my November marathon in are…gone. Which left me somewhat at a loss, because I knew from my half-marathon that my Vibrams wouldn’t cut it. So what then?


Yup. Lunas.

Not an official model, though, because I’d just sunk all that money into the Skoras–much as I now wish I’d put it into Lunas, I can’t undo it. What I could do, however, is pony up the mere $25 for Luna’s DIY kit. I went for the 6mm neoprene sole, because I run mostly on roads and because I wanted the eventual foot conformity, and the traditional ribbon laces. I meant to try them out Sunday just for a quick six miles, and ended up running nine and a half.

Because, love.

I’ve read posts that warn minimalist runners not to go the Luna route if they mind weird comments while running. I have to assume these posters are men talking to, they assume, men. Because as women we’re always going to get weird comments while running. Tits, ass, or general mockery. That’s what we get. So people switching their bitching to my sandals instead of my boobs was hardly a dealbreaker for me. I took most of Saturday afternoon carefully measuring, hammering and cutting away at these sandals, and they fit like a dream. I used Trish from Barefoot Monologue’s method of tying, looping the first pass round the ankle under the heel strap first, because I have flat heels (that is, they don’t curve out at the back much; it’s pretty much straight down the leg to the ground), and like she promises, tied this way the strap doesn’t budge. I was a little leery of the strap between my toes, because while I love having my toes separated as they are in Vibrams, actual thick objects between them, like in flip flops, tend to cause a great deal of discomfort very quickly. But again–nine and a half miles of bliss here! I suppose the very glaring fact that these aren’t flip-flips, and that it isn’t up to that mere toe strap to keep the hole thing adhered to my foot, had a large part to do with the lack of discomfort. Also the puppy-soft, super-flat laces. But whatever it is, I am a fan!

These Lunas are 2mm thicker than either of my Vibrams, and 2mm thinner than my Skoras (sans insole, which I never used). Since the replacement Skoras will be coming back to me, and moreover since my race is in chilly November, I don’t know that it would make sense not to run in the Skoras for at least part of the training. (Can I knit and felt my own tabi socks? Yes. Do I want to? Yes. Can I justify that in the face of all that money I spent on the Skoras? Well…) But I am certainly loving the Lunas so far. I don’t know that I will love the 6mm at 20 miles–yes, I know, I’m still a minimalist noob–because I definitely did not love the 4mm at 13.1 miles. (“My feet fee like I’m walking on pontoons…” *removes Vibrams* “Oh…that’s ’cause I am. Pontoons of blood…”) But today’s training run was a paltry three miles. Tomorrow’s will be the same, and the day after that, and the weekend is only six. So for the time being, I will be rocking my self-made Lunas proudly. Sandal-haters be damned.

One comment

  1. Trisha Reeves · August 7, 2013

    Glad the tying trick worked! Thanks for the call-out. Love your blog. 🙂

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