album to listen to when snaking across starlit farmland

Akira Kosemura’s Tiny Musical


I discovered this album on another hot muggy Tokyo night where one wrong turn after another left me lost in a light rain followed by the endless trill of sirens. I stalked into an actual record store and slammed on the first pair of headphones I could find on the floor the clerk directed me to when I demanded “show me where there are no voices.”

I listen to it now in a very different context but it still works. I see that in the intervening years Pitchfork has written up a review of a later album of his; please ignore it. It’s as full of condescending BS as those kind of reviews always are.

If you don’t have time to try the whole album may I recommend Light Dance? It works as well in an Amtrak ghosting through corn country as it does on the last Keio line pulling into Fujimigaoka packed with drunks and sleeping salarymen.

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