track 34

I’m not posting the link lest someone fall into the same predicament I did re: track listing and spoilers. Wait for it, then. But when you’ve finished, and you listen, the part where it picks up, after the pause…every time it came up in rotation at work I grinned helplessly. It has everything I want. Strings, upwardly whirling, defiantly not-delicate (not with that percussion beneath), and with enough cycles that you get to savor the shape of where it’s going.

(I creeped people out in my video game music class, I think, talking like this. It happens.)

But I mean it. It feels like the extra push you get when you’re running full-tilt down a hill and you hit the bottom and realize gravity’s tugging you along like you’re slightly late for the most magnificent show in the world. And you’re going to make it. You’re going to make it.

Trevor Morris kicked ass with this soundtrack, is what I’m saying.


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