those across the seas





So upon resolution of the quest involving investigation mysterious chalk marks, we are told (if you have Josephine complete it) that a lady, whilst attempting to arrange a contract with an Antivan shipping merchant, encountered one of the chalk marks–a triangle with a wavy line through it. She says she supposes she didn’t react appropriately to the mark, because the deal fell through, and the merchant told her,

“Do not be so eager to ride the waves, madame. Those across the seas will come soon enough.”

Upon first glance, this looks like word of the Qun. But! Seas plural? Why would it be seas plural? Yes, you could point to the various bays that jut off the Boeric Ocean (which the map does, rather over-generously, call seas), but we’ve known about the Qun and its threat for so long that for Josephine not to mention it, for no one to know what those marks mean, would be silly.

Far more interesting would be a pending invasion from across the seas from wherever the Qunari came from. We don’t know what they left behind or why. They don’t tell anyone.

What if it’s elves? Unquickened elves? Sailing in to reclaim what’s “theirs,” ala the Seanchan in WoT? That would be more interesting than a straight-up conquering invasion, like the Akaviri in Elder Scrolls. The notions of entitlement that accompany such invasions are infuriating (again and again Jordan tried to get us to be okay with the Seanchan, but based on how they treat those who can channel, how could you?), but good for storytelling.

Perhaps that is Flemeth’s game? Perhaps that is why she woke her faithful servant Solas, whose very name means pride? So he could prepare the way for the return of a people who still remember the elven goddess Mythral? “We ended ourselves,” says the one whose name translates to sorrow, Abelas. “Our time was done.” At the time, I flinched, dreading the righteous outrage when people got to this part and claimed that it was victim-blaming, vis-a-vis how the elves are treated now.

But we’ve already seen the mages throw off their overlords and claim agency. Why not the elves as well? No one else will hand it to them. No one except the single most powerful narrative force in the entire series…

It would be interesting.

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