in case you wondered

Rerolling as a male for Dorian is so worth it. It’s like porting into your favorite fanfic. Damn did they know what they were doing when they wrote those scenes. And they know we know they know it, too:

**Tiny image and romance spoilers behind cut; it’s only fair and it’s safe**


Predatory circling! I love predatory circling. I skipped posting screenshots of the next parts so as not to complicate anyone’s browser histories, but goddamn. There are not enough oscillating fans in this world to handle that scene.


And that’s what his card changes to. I’ve called it foryou.png, pronounced “for youuuuuu!” Like the Something Positive comic except obviously rather less depressing. So you’ve got a snake here (a Tevinter thing? a family crest? I’m thinking the latter based on his amulet which I returned to him, and also by the snakes that plagued him on his card after our encounter with his father and before I, ah, distracted him from that particular difficulty, but I could be wrong) and…a paper flower? Like origami? I am shamelessly won over by paper flowers, having been presented with one on the first Valentine’s Day where the guy who became my husband decided not to, in the regrettable modern parlance, friendlist me. (One cannot fault me for a lack of determination.) I still have it.

Perhaps Dorian is saying “the good and the bad! you have all of it! all of me!” *squeeful sigh* Or maybe the artist was just told, “Snakes and flowers. Make him look hot.” Who cares?

I do notice, already, that there are definite differences between dating someone stationary, who stays at Skyhold, and someone who can come with you. People gossip about Dorian and me.

D: I overheard you at the tavern, Blackwall. Asking about the Inquisitor and I.

B: I was unsure I’d heard correctly.

D: You have a question? Are your whiskers quivering with curiosity?

B: I would not pry into the Inquisitor’s business.

D: Are you certain? I can draw diagrams.

B: No. Thank you.

No one gossiped about my female character and Cullen, excepting one smirk in the war room from Leliana. Perhaps this is the game noting that people there as here are more scandalized by the M/M? Possibly, but it’s a lot of extra work to go to to cue those overheard conversations; I suspect it happens for anyone you date in-group, and that they just bothered to flesh out the in-group relationships more. I also note that I couldn’t disappoint the out-group dates. Cullen and Josephine never prompted disapproval warnings. Because of course, they couldn’t get fed up with me and leave like I assume the others can. (I know I can send them away; I assume if they angry enough with me they’ll leave on their own, like in earlier games.) While you could fault the devs for this, I appreciate the acknowledgment of other people as capable of being worthy of your attention. The idea that only the group traveling around with you would become close enough to you to warrant notice is silly, especially in this game where  you spend so much time managing: troops, resources, renovations. That’s a lot of time spent closeted away with these people. You shouldn’t have to be killing bad guys together to get something going.

Also, remember what I said earlier about everyone in this game shouldering that decades-or-so layer of experience, jadedness, watchfulness? Dorian totally has that. And as with Cullen, it’s a delight to try to tug it back long enough to glimpse him unguarded. I hate puzzles, but I could play that one all day.


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