by request

Here you go, Tink:

(Note that the self-congratulatory-seeming aside is actually referencing a bit of plot that was suggested by husband–I may be vain but I don’t need to write things in my own notes to myself like “brilliant!” just to prop up my ego…)

Edit: Oh, I’ll put these under a cut so they don’t eat up the whole page.










  1. Tink · January 9, 2015

    omg thank you! i can’t believe you put this up just for little ol’ me! *hugs*
    i can’t tell you how big of a grin i have on my face now. i loooooove BTS stuff, especially the creative process of the writing team when they break down the story. (i’m a huge tv buff!)
    this is like mother’s milk to me!
    and you cheeky thing, halfway reading through this i was hoping to spot a spoiler in your notes lol!! but you’re too smart for that obv. i want to know what happens next!

    ps. your highlighter doodles are too cute! squee!
    pps. you have very emotive handwriting. (your frantic genius when you’re on all roll. it shows!)
    ppps. please say thanks to you husband for me! his idea was indeed brilliant! 😉

    • metaphlame · January 9, 2015

      Haha, thanks have been conveyed to husband! And I did stop before the page having to do with what I haven’t posted yet, heh. I doodle when there’s a really good song that crops up and I want to just listen–I think this happened a lot in the Emerald Graves, which I played though more than any other zone. Am a sucker for green…and cellos.

    • metaphlame · January 9, 2015

      Oh, and I see there’s the stuff that didn’t make it too. There in fact aren’t any spoilers in here–if it didn’t show up it got axed. Using red lyrium as some kind of remote control felt a.) lame and b.) implausible, so that particular rendezvous didn’t end up happening that way. I’d forgotten I wrote that down.

  2. Tink · January 9, 2015

    oh you tease!
    but yes! i noticed that, and that was exactly what i mean by breaking down the creative process like a puzzle. see what ideas need trimming- what would work and what wouldn’t!
    there are writers out there who are more ‘free-flow’ but yours is so meticulously planned and it shows in your work. like parelels and motifs and over-arching themes. I LOVE IT!!

    ps. emerald graves is absolutely my fav area too.
    pps. your writing has inspired me so much, i started writing my own DA story too. maybe i’ll actually have the courage to put it on ao3 one day!

    • metaphlame · January 10, 2015

      Oh you definitely should! There’s nothing like sinking exhaustedly onto a frigid bus seat after an uninspiring workday only to see your inbox lit up with lovely comments! Really improves one’s day!

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