*wakes up to 11 emails shrieking praise of something spent 6 hours on yesterday*

It’s going to be a good day.




  1. Tink · January 20, 2015

    You go strutting you. Well deserved praise!!
    I can’t believe it’s ending soon, it’s like saying goodbye to a dear friend. 😥

    • metaphlame · January 21, 2015

      Aye, going back to usual work will be terribly dull. I really enjoyed writing this. And thank you for all your comments, incidentally! Comments were half the joy of the thing.

      • Tink · January 21, 2015

        I think we the readers owe YOU the biggest thank you for sharing it with the world (for free no less) !! It’s something that I can honestly say changed my life – I know you probably would go Pshh at that but it’s true! I don’t think I’ll ever read fiction the same way! It’s a literary piece of treasure that I will ALWAYS hold dear to my heart and re-read every Christmas. I’m just so, so glad I stumbled on it. THANK YOU MWAH!

      • metaphlame · January 22, 2015

        Bwahaha, I’m glad you enjoy it so much! <3!

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