take me to church

I know, I know, I’m the last person on the planet to become aware of new music. Or old music. Or any kind of music whatsoever. But in addition to being a stupendous song, the video for this is important and upsetting and upsettingly important. Watch it, if you haven’t. It wrecked me.



  1. Timothy Streasick · January 25, 2015

    This was that song that kept playing while we were boardgaming and I kept saying “Oh, Emily! This song! This song!” You’re right- it’s absolutely fantastic and the video’s damn stupendous too.

    • metaphlame · January 25, 2015

      It is! I’d heard _of_ the song itself days ago, because someone posted that they were listening to it through some app, but I saw the title and was instantly turned off. And I wonder if they planted that video as a thumb in the eye of people whose reaction to the title would be polar opposite mine. I never would have encountered it without Slacker Radio, which I’ve been very much digging when I can’t stand listening to one more Coupon Cabin ad on Spotify. *twitch*

      It doesn’t say many great things about my character, but even as fantastic as the sound of the song is (and I am more responsive to that kind of broken-voiced plea-yell than I like to admit), the yet another “her body is my temple”-type trope was not doing much for me, even _with_ the calling into question of hierarchically-spoonfed beliefs. It not being a “she” in the video won me over hard. I don’t really need to hear yet another dude going on about how his lady’s ladyparts are where he goes to pray. Tell me another one, Joe. But juxtaposing that tired old mindset with the shit that goes down in the video, oh man was I on board. Himself too. Such ow. Many feels.

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