husband on anders

Cut because some of you haven’t played DA2.


Husband: So, Anders definitely just blew up the Chantry.

Me: Yup. What’d you do?

H: Sided with the mages.

M: No, I mean with him. Anders.

H: What do you mean, do?

M: Did you kill him? I killed him.

H: You killed him?! I thought you liked him!

M: I did! I was sleeping with him.

H: And you–

M: Uh huh. Newsflash: I don’t care if you’re a goddamned Adonis, you kill a fuckton of innocent people and you are dead to me. You’re on notice!

H: Yeesh, I guess.

M: Weren’t you just saying how you didn’t understand how people liked him after this game?

H: Yeah, but…you killed him!

M: Mm hmm. Figure out a way to say the death of every lowly scribe, cook, maid, novice and page-boy in that building was justified. Then we’ll talk.



  1. Timothy Streasick · February 5, 2015

    Anders was dead to my Hawke afterwards, but my Hawke couldn’t bring themselves to killing him. When I thought about how his story had progressed and where he was at as a person, it was one of those “There has been too much death already, I won’t contribute to it” situations.

    Of course, that didn’t stop him from engorging the streets with rivers of blood afterwards, so let’s just take that with a grain of salt and call it out for the craven hypocrisy it was. But I’ll chalk it up to:
    a.) An interesting example of cognitive dissonance when it comes to the way my Hawke acted.
    b.) Another example of where that last Act went completely off the rails.

    • Timothy Streasick · February 5, 2015

      Grammar correction:
      Themselves? Pshaw, Tim, your attempt to keep Hawke gender-neutral was a failure from the start. I should have written “..couldn’t bring himself to kill Anders.”

      • metaphlame · February 5, 2015

        I wonder if part of the reason it was so easy for me to (IF YOU ARE READING THE COMMENTS WE’VE GOT A DA:I SPOILER COMING UP FOLKS! STOP NOW! RETREEEEEEEAT **********) off Hawke in DA:I was what she’d done at the end of DA2. I mean I killed Anders, but I didn’t feel too great about it, and the NPCs who did sure weren’t helping.

      • metaphlame · February 5, 2015

        Bah, that sent too fast. I meant to add that yeah, DA2 was narratively fulfilling but did not fill me with love for my main character. I was a terrible person! So when Hawke comes back in DA:I I got to be all “and now thou shalt atone.” Except then Varric got upset with me so I had to walk that back because I didn’t know on my first playthrough that I had no chance with him, romantically (never say die…)

        Although–I meant to post about this but haven’t yet–I’m also just not given in general toward many feels about the characters I myself play. I see people doing fanart and fanfic about their own characters and I just can’t. I don’t know if it’s just I’m so hypocritical as to think it narcissistic (I don’t consciously but I suppose such sentiments could be working beneath my notice), or if I’m self-conscious about ascribing love and value to someone whose characterization I’m greatly responsible for. But I have no interest in ne trials and travails id other people’s inquisitors, and only become invested in those of my own vis-a-vis other characters’ regard, which is so often outside my control. Even when I swooned over Alistair, who my character was and how she existed in the world was much less important to me than that this character think well of and say kind things to me.

        And maybe that’s the problem–

      • metaphlame · February 5, 2015

        AUGH DAMN BUTTONS. I meant to finish with: maybe that’s he problem–I’m not role playing it enough. It’s true that I try to make decisions I’m morally comfortable with (what that says about me with Anders, uh, we’ll leave for another time), but it isn’t as though I ever build characters to resemble myself, at all. I just feel more for people I can’t control. Whose pasts and responses are frailties are beyond my ability to fix–but whom I can run desperate circles around, trying to help all the same. That helplessness in the face of others’ demons is the most real part of the game to me. And I’m as blindly stubborn and determined to help, in-game, as I am in real life, so. Role playing fail.

      • Timothy Streasick · February 5, 2015

        (I hope this pops up properly under your comments. I couldn’t find a “reply” button on your comments!)

        I mean, I can’t really claim to be this great roleplayer either- my Gray Warden and my Hawke (and my Cmdr. Shepard) were all just extensions of me and my morality at some level. I can extract enough distance between myself and the character to not get completely vindictive (and be able to ask “Okay. So with everything that’s happened, what makes the most sense), but I would really hesitate to say that it was what drove me as a player. The first character that I properly RP’d in almost any of these games was the Inquisitor, and even that was driven by the knowledge that, at some point, decisions had. to. be. made.

        And I’m terrible at decisions. Every other character I played would waffle or play the “Let’s all get along” card. It’s one of the reasons I really loved DA:II’s conversation wheel – you weren’t choosing a decision so much as a personality to deliver it.

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