A reenactor’s guide to my last 120 minutes:

1.) Take exam (1/4 of semester’s grade).

2.) Realize server error ate entirety of exam and gave me a zero.

3.) Frantically email and post messages at professor, having been told by system that “it’s not us, it’s you.” (It was, in fact, them.)

4.) Submit last week’s assignment which couldn’t be done then because prof’s institution accidentally cancelled the subscription to the service we were supposed to use, and prof could not figure out new service.

5.) Submit this week’s assignment.

6.) Realize last week’s assignment had errors.

7.) Redo last week’s assignment.

8.) Realize giant project turned in on time last week was not recognized as such by the system, which is now telling me it’s very, very, very late.

9.) Wail.

10.) Ascertain that if I screwed up 8, so did everyone else, because they all did the same thing. We are wildebeests. Safety in numbers. I seek the center of the herd.

11.) Submit required ruminations on last week’s and this week’s assignments plus this week’s readings, which were done today on my lunch break.

12.) Receive email from prof saying he could unlock my test for me but not the clock, so I’d have to do it under the previously-established timeline, of which maybe 20% remains now.

13.) Redo exam.

14.) Observe clock; note that have been working on some form of work, be it for job or school, since 5AM.

15.) See step 9.


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