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It’s on its way! Volume 2 of the World of Thedas lore compendium! Yayyyy!

This plus my DA2 replay should bear fruit. I don’t think in the 1980s AU way because I’m less thrilled with the idea now. Also you couldn’t do it without addressing the AIDS plague and there are still people in mourning so no. Not going there.

Same world, then. I’d really like to use Fenris, though. I’d forgotten–I didn’t see him much, first playthrough; he was too angry with me–how mature he was, emotionally. He doesn’t have these taboos–he doesn’t make a fuss about getting to a point some fics spend the whole time getting to. He’s already there; already done that evolving. So he’s a bit intimidating to have to use. But I am determined.

I’m sidelining Hawke, though, same as the Inquisitor. It feels too self-referential, using characters whose moral landscape we the players control, to some extent. I’m not against Mary Sues in principle–I posted that awhile back, in the link about romance writing–but I’m not here to watch me. Or what I’d do. That’s boring. I’m here to watch other people deal with shit.

Have to get much farther into my replay first, though. DA2, like much of that year and a half of my life, is a blur to me. I remember the end, and sometimes little bits ring bells as I go through, but I don’t have nearly the recall I do for DAO or anything else, for that matter, that I played at another time. And that’s no knock on the game–I was doing 11 hours of classes and working every weekday hour I wasn’t in class. I was exhausted and blasted through DA2 in a sleep-deprived lust for something other than studies and rote memorization and hours spent dithering waspishly over whether so-and-so had successfully deconstructed deconstruction or not. So as a result…I remembered very little.

Which is to my advantage, replay-wise, in every way but one: fic-writing. It’ll take awhile. But my old playlist from the winter writing extravaganza popped up in my earbuds this morning and I thought, Damn, I’m still proud of what I did when listening to this. So. The time has come again.


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