cooking in thedas: raider queen’s bread of many tongues


As you probably know if you were waiting for this to come out and have in the intervening week gleefully plucked it from your mailbox, volume two of World of Thedas contains a number of recipes. Today, because my scholarship was renewed and that means all fun things like baking and writing must be done now, before summer ends, I made the Raider Queen’s Bread of Many Tongues.

I’ve never made banana bread before so I have no idea how this compares to other recipes. But it’s good. It seems fluffier than, say, the slice of banana bread you buy in a coffee shop, and that suits me just fine because coffee shop banana bread sits in my guts like a bag of bricks. 

I did go easy on the bananas because the four that I bought were as long as my forearm. And I’m 5’8″ so these were monstrosities. I might go on though and do 2.5 bananas next time though (possibly tomorrow if it cools off? no AC so baking means a hot house…) as it could be more banana-y. Surely though the four bananas the recipe calls for aren’t meant to be this ridiculously large. One assumes Par Vollen bananas lack hormones or sun lamps or whatever made these the way they are.

If you’ve got the book and want to make these, there is no (for obvious lore reasons) oven temp given. Mine went in for an hour at 350 degrees at under 1000 ft above sea level. Test it at 50 minutes with a knife; I had to stick mine back in for the full hour but maybe your oven is more industrious than mine. 

It’s really good bread. The lore note about the Inquistion thriving off this stuff seems unlikely–a supply of bananas reaching Skyhold without freezing?–but it’s a feather in the cap of Hawke writers. Who, after all, would have brought the recipe to Skyhold? Only Hawke and Varric would’ve hung around Isabella much–and while Varric is many things, a purveyor of recipes is not one of those things. So it had to be Hawke. Poking around in Skyhold’s kitchens, jockeying with the black market goods dealers for exotic and arguably extravagant supplies. (Because why not?) I don’t do Hawke or Hawke fluff, but there’s no reason someone else shouldn’t. So there you go. You’re welcome. Go bananas.

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