cool things that could happen

This is wanton speculation, but because it is made under the influence of texts you may or may not have had the chance to read yet, I’ll go ahead and put it under a spoiler tag. So. Spoilers, then, for World of Thedas vol. 2, and also a bit for DA2 and DA:I.

We see a lot more of the Chant now than we did before, and we were told we would and I’ve been looking forward to it. Not only do we get the texts but we get context–or at least, we are made aware when historians doubt the authenticity of a text. Which then gives us hope that perhaps the game would thus doubt its authenticity as well. Consider this section of the Canticle of Exaltations, which is purported to have been written by Emperor Drakon after many drafts, the final of which is locked up in the vaults in the Grand Cathedral in Orlais, while “collectors have paid exhorbitant sums of gold for copies of his early drafts.”


Do I think that a series celebrated, however imperfectly (I’m looking at you, perennial tumblr ranters), for its progressive treatment of those whom broader society seems disinclined to treat thusly would end with the coming of a long-promised messianic god-figure? Hell no. How utterly boring. Besides, I rather doubt those who would be most moved by such a spectacle even allow themselves to dabble in the devil’s work of computer games. *eyeroll* It would be a waste of narrative oomph.

However. We have certainly been given what in-game evangelicals (which is to say those who won’t give a fig for the dubiously ‘authentic’ nature of the text) will take as textbook proof that the end-times are coming. You’ve got golems in there, and Orlais/Ferelden as “men who were beasts and warred with their brothers” (though yes this could also be a rather oblique reference to the Alamarri), and the Old Ones awakening (remember, we only have two archdemon dragons left at this point.)

But what of this demon who “prowls the Fade, as a wolf hunts a herd of deer?” Helloooo Solas. Or rather Solas/Mythal at this point, I suppose. Yes, the rest of the stanza is rather negative on Solas, but a.) what do you expect from Drakon, and b.) well, Solas has a certain lack of brownie points in the bank right now anyway, so. Not terribly shocking.

Look at this, though, re: “the meek lambs became bold / and rose up, casting aside their shepherds”:

You know where this could go? An elven uprising. Not just in Tevinter (where it makes sense for it to start) but all across Thedas, whether the elves are officially slaves there or not. Fuelled in some cases by the Qun if it has reached that far; in others by inspiration from the mages v. templars conflict;  in others by Solas, perhaps (he would of course want something though…frustrated as he is by the fall of his people…he is not impressed by them and he would require some personal gain for his help to be obtainable), and possibly in other instances by…a certain white-haired elf who has every opportunity to style himself as Shartan reborn, if someone talked him into it.

And for those who left Anders alive at the end of DA2, the drama waiting to be harvested were he to have hooked up with Tevinter and for Fenris to be leading the rebellion would be just breathtaking. I think the technical hurdles there presented by the multiplicity of plots are probably too large to enable such a thing to occur, but it would be pretty damn cinematic if it did.

Anyway. Like that commerical from the 90s ingrained in our brains…”hey, it could happen!”

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