ride that progression wave all the way down


As you know, the Steam Sale is upon us. Forever late to the party, I bought Transistor.*

Not because of anything I’d heard about the game, though. (And I had heard lots! Around a campfire around a year ago when it came out! It was all anyone could talk about.) Because the soundtrack bundled with the game is also on sale. And I only had to hear the song in the first trailer to know I needed that soundtrack:

At first I thought “oh sure, this is cool, this is like those four tracks Tor Linløkken did for Longest Journey.” Which four tracks (Dolphin, Shark, Dragon, Eagle) I loved! They played in the bar. But then continuing on, that downward progression just slays me. It’s the sort of thing that usually would get ruined by vocals. But we’re free and clear here! There are some vocals on the soundtrack, and they’re okay (The Spine in particular would be awesome if sung by someone with a deeper vocal register), but it really wins on the instrumentals. It’s a soundtrack for getting the fuck through. It’d be great Japan subway music, if I still road the subway in Japan. I might try it out on the 14-mile run I have coming up this weekend too–I can start energetic but there is a point–for me it tends to be around mile 12–where it’s no longer epic, it’s dogged. I might bring this on for that.

Anyway, it’s great, and it’s only $7 right now. The soundtrack alone is worth it! I gather that the game is good too, sure. But the music! The music is totally worth your $7.

I kind of want to cosplay this girl, too. That is a sweet coat. And I am not someone who needs a lot of persuading to lug around a giant glowing sword and glare at people.

* Realistically speaking, I can only afford to be on time for the party for occasional releases for much-beloved content.


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