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Badass lady [who talks believably to herself, has a decent relationship with a father and/or other authority figure, and feels a bit bad about the necessity of death for survival but does it anyway?] Check.

My favorite two words ever, “open world?” Check.

GORGEOUS OPEN WORLD?! Check check check!

The opening was so reminiscent of the opening of Inherit the Earth I giggled. But not in a bad way! And can we all acknowledge what a relief it is that we aren’t going the tired old route of sand and scrub brush in imagining our post-apocalyptic future? History is cyclical, people, not linear! Shit gets bad and then it gets better. Most of us die but not all of us. And there are still people clinging to life here. Machines too. And it’s beautiful. This guy teaches his daughter/niece/granddaughter/some younger female he’s decent enough not to mistreat to shoot a bow. to shoot it well. And there is care there. More than the scenery, the open world-ness of it; even more than the fact that we get to play a heroine bundled in furs, instead of prancing around in a leather thong or instead of some douchey guy–more than all of that, I am so into this game for not erasing, as is so typical, the goodness of people in predicating their almost-end. I find that the most difficult aspect to forgive of grim post-apocalyptic settings, and Horizon: Zero Dawn believes enough in the survival of decency to avoid, at least in this footage, that particular moral morass. Sign me up!

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