like magic

Stinger stuck in skin, too tiny to remove with tweezers + baking soda and water = gone! Who knew?

Husband got stung by a bee this weekend and MIL told me to go and grab baking soda in some water. “Make a paste,” she said. I did so, having no idea why (was it to soothe? to remove swelling? he’s not allergic, so it couldn’t have been that drastic a situation…) You cake the paste onto the area where you know the stinger is, then sit there and wait for it to dry, then scrape it off. The baking soda paste congeals around the stinger and rips it out when you scrape it away. MAGIC.

I had cause to use this technique this morning when what seems likely to have been either a very unlucky mosquito or a now-lopsided spider left some miniscule impaling implement in the palm of my hand, right next to the itchy part that indicates it was not, in fact, a beesting. Having tried all manner of forceful squeezing, I resorted to the baking soda thing with little hope (I hadn’t gotten to see it in action on husband’s foot; the stinger had exited with the bee, which he had plucked off, and the paste was more to assuage my MIL’s fears than because there was a practical need for it then), but voila! The invisible stinger no longer catches on my hair, a towel, the dog. The slivering stab is gone! I had never even heard of this. It’s damn useful.

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