maps or gtfo

Started much longed-for reread of Name of the Rose (because of course Love & Sleep was second in a series, bah). Breezed through prologue–impatient to begin–but stumbled as we really started hearing about the abbey’s architecture. I don’t know all my -gons. “How many sides does–but I thought you said it–” And then I flipped back and found the map:

And boom, memory flood. I could remember the shape of how I imagined he place before, as if I’d been there–I now remembered things that happened in the book that I’d forgotten, because I “felt” what the place looked like; how it was laid out. I’m very spatially-oriented–I can tell, in a shower stall, if it’s facing the same way ours does or not, north east south west–but it wasn’t ever so stark as this. 

I put down another book option because, as an advance copy, it lacked a  map. No no and no. Give me your maps, people. How will I make sense of your world without maps?

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