DA:I maximum feels playthrough part 4: ode to my graphics card

Cut for a wall of pictures.

One of the first descriptive problems I remember tackling, as a little kid realizing I could write my own stories instead of just reading them, was sunlight. I wanted to know the difference between “sun-dappled” and “sun-spangled.” How sunlight could be cold, and the times when it was okay to call it that, and when it would sound awkward. Probably most of the exposure to these descriptions came through the Redwall books–it wasn’t as though I spent a lot of time traversing through forests as a kid; we didn’t go camping or anything like that–but I wanted to learn to do it for myself.

I’ve never been a creature of the night. I rise early and regret when work or school locks me away from the sun. When that line somewhere in Infinite Jest describes the light around 4-5PM in autumn, how miserably sad it is, I instantly recognized so many late afternoons I’d spent glued to the windows, bereft with no clear reason why.

All of which is to say I gravitate toward, and care for, depictions of sunlight like little else–even vistas, though I’ve pasted some magnificent ones below. Sunstars shooting through tree branches, the light on the water–it’s what I keep slamming screenshots of in games, and what I keep whipping out my camera to take pictures of in real life.

I had only ever YouTubed Cassandra’s personal quest before–I was too antsy to rush through the plot on my first playthrough, and I was focusing on different characters. I had to see it, though, for a fic I was writing at the time, so having YouTubed it once I never went back and did it on later playthroughs. But this time I did. On this computer with this graphics card. And oh man, now I remember why I insisted on the best, when I built this. You don’t need it to be that good, countered my husband, trying to minimize the hole the system would leave in my pocket. But I do. I do. Look at this.








(I put this one in here just to prove I do something other than stand around on scenic cliffs. Look at the torchlight on those columns, though! And Cassandra’s sweet sparkly ability effects!)








(Yes, well, the mist on the lake is gorgeous. As I expected when Jaws of Hakkon came out, I appreciate the entirety of the Frostback Basin tons more when it is in fact hot and muggy in the real world. Chill mist on a lake, people wrapped up in furs? Treasure the thought, in my AC-less house in 90% humidity.)

ScreenshotWin32_1075_FinalThose waves.


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