DA:I maximum feels playthrough part 6: the feels


Okay. Okay. I have to go away for the weekend and I’ve had four hours’ sleep due to extenuating circumstances so I vaulted through the next story quest and cutscene. Okay. So. Articulate order to feels:

Inquisitor: You’re being grim and fatalistic just to get me into bed, aren’t you?

Solas: I am grim and fatalistic. Getting you into bed is just a side benefit.

This is amazing and hilarious but endearing because SELF AWARENESS PEOPLE. SELF AWARENESS FOR THE WIN.

I did so many things this time around that I didn’t do before. Like drink the kool-aid! I shoved Morrigan aside and chugged the Well of Souls myself. And uh. That scene! The flash of the vallaslin at the end and why we really quickly find out why that happened. But first…when you’re still lying there passed out…


He’s the one who’s crying out for you. Thanks, man. Moving on…


Hey, now I know what all that fan art is about. And speaking of knowing what’s going on…


Have you seen a better “I’m about to dump you” face ever animated? It’s so well done! As soon as he pulls out of that kiss, you know. You know. “Oh fuck no, he’s going to–he hasn’t said anything yet but that face, you just know he’s going to–godDAMNit!” Which reminds me:


If I have ever had a dialogue option more accurately express what I actually feel the urge to say in a given situation, I don’t know what it would be other than option 3 right here. And finally:


I know a lot of people probably had a lot of problems with that scene. Legitimately so. But I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care.

Oops, sorry, one more thing. Regarding today’s announcement!


C’monnnn something interesting in the deep. Like Elgar’nan! Elgar’nan is interesting. Especially if Solas is down there with him, trying to calm him down. Or dig him out. Or…explain him to you. Go on, Solas. You try to explain this shit to me. JUST TRY, MAN. And don’t even think of pulling that I’m-about-to-hurt-you face again. I know that face.


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