Holy shitballs.


I missed this. I was not paying attention. This is embarrassing on a number of levels:

1.) Pleasing each professor in college was a different puzzle I had to figure out. One of them wrote her goddamn dissertation on the chorus of classical Greek drama. I read it. Paraphrased it. She then liked me and sang my praises for the remaining classes I had with her, after earning her displeasure during the first one for daring to have my own opinions on things. That’s a sidenote, however. I knew this. And to have forgotten it–to have missed the meaning of Corypheus–that’s a failure of memory.

2.) Obviously Greek not Latin. I wrote it off as “oh hmm, no need to look this up; Tevinter is just sometimes a stand-in for Rome and sometimes for America in its more interesting/knifing moments; they just wanted the flavor of the sound; no actual meaning behind this one.” Idiot. Of course there is. I took two years of Latin. I aced both of them. I should have realized.

3.) I announced loudly to my husband, upon discovering the sword in my inventory, “OH MY GOD I HAVE CERTAINTY. DONE. GAME BROKEN. THIS IS THE ONLY WEAPON I WILL EVER NEED EVER. ALL OTHER EQUIPMENT IS DEAD TO ME. BEST ITEM EVER.” Aaaaaand then I read the flavor text. Yeah. Embarrassing. Hubris, anyone? Can I help anyone to some hubris here? Tastes like caviar, I promise.

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