to the victims of bright shining midnights

Matt Jones is back!

Please please please listen to Hardly Marching.

In the same way that the second half of Andrew Bird’s Souverian makes that song fantastic, the second half of this song makes it fantastic. It’s proof of how you can savor that same melody–criers of “boring!” be damned. As in Souverian, the repetition lets you feel all the little additions, when the bass nudges in and away, when the fiddles (and cello! cellooooo!) dip a little higher or lower, and the half-caught words murmured beneath the instruments. So, so, so good.

There is also another rendition of The Darkest Things on this album, with–yus!–fiddles added. Fiddles are the shit. We need more of them.

So thank you, Russian bot who keeps hitting my other post about Matt Jones. Curious, I wondered which post it actually was (the name, which is all WP gives me at first, didn’t say much), which led me to checking his site, which led me to the discovery that he has made this awesome album. This the very morning I had discovered Andrew Bird’s new one, an experimental acoustic collection recorded in a canyon, but which veers too far into experimental territory for me. Not enough rhythm, not enough…musical plot. So to find this in the same day, after a broody hour or so of listening to Noble Beast and thinking yeah, it’s still his best, is what I want to happen with my day.

So, Hardly Marching! Go listen to it already.

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