well this almost happened

inquisition tech teeI have a marathon coming up. How cool would it be to run in an Inquisitor tech tee, right? Except…they have a minimum order of six. Bah. I had my eye on the official Bioware store for awhile, hoping they’d do the jersey tank with just the symbol on it in a wicking fabric. (I have the Cullen tank and it’s cool, but 1.) it’s just cotton and I wouldn’t wanna stretch him out with 26.2 miles of sweat, and 2.) I’d be slapping the race bib right over the most interesting parts of the design, so.) No such luck. So I thought I’d make one. Turns out, the internet can help with that! But if you want cool stripes on sides, you have to order in bulk. Boo.

Edit: Oh cool, the brick and mortar place has no minimum AND ladies’ cuts in red. Win.

Edit 2: NINETY DOLLARS ARE YOU INSANE. No shirt for me. T_T


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