Reading whilst writing is like nutrition. You know your style will be affected by what you read. Even a vise-like grip on your intended voice will change, at least a little. So you have to read the right things, fuel yourself properly, to get what you want out of yourself.

I wanted to write lyrically. I finished rereading Name of the Rose and began prowling my shelves. A bunch of the free stuff I’ve received was too spare. Not YA but it might as well have been. Tried a few chapters of Druids, by Morgan Llywellyn, because I read it in fifth grade and remembered with amusement–though I was so outraged at the time!–arguing in the evangelical South against a ridiculously Judeo-Christian slideshow (one of the ancient ones with a cassette tape that beeped when you had to click “forward” on the carousel) about the Roman incursion into Gaul. She is not lyrical either, though. Dirt Music–too modern. I do not wish to read of websites. Wrath & the Dawn--unread, so blessedly not a reread, but too spare, still. Refiner’s Fire? Remembered too well. But something else by him, perhaps, something more distant, so as not to keep returning too quickly to the same people.

Ah. Perfect.

I won a prize the last time I read this. I never finished it–got wrapped up in my own story. And though I read it more recently than Refiner’s Fire, more of this slipped away in memory. More so even than Winter’s Tale, still more distant. I read this, oh, a decade ago? But still it feels–do not chastise me; I am allowed to sound written here if nowhere else–like you’re the maypole and he’s wrapping the ribbons around you with words. Delicious.

Proper nutrition.

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