but as the water filled my mouth it couldn’t wash the echoes out

The first time I heard this song was half-snatched through a nearby undergrad’s too-loud headphones as he watched the video on YouTube. I ducked out of my grad school class and used the bathroom wifi to look it up and listen to it in full. It was the first song of Florence + The Machine I’d heard, and it is still my favorite song of hers. It makes you feel like the caged animal you are; like if you howled there’d be other animals in other cages howling along with you.

But this version! Orchestral. Chills! It started autoplaying by accident after a remix of Spectrum. This link is cut to Drumming Song but YT has the whole concert. A full hour! From Ceremonials, too. Which I still love best as an album. I cannot be tempted with intimacy and lower production values. One has plenty of lonely hours to acquaint oneself with the finely-honed edges of life. Scream it, lady, loud and clear. We can be quiet later. Like the rest of our goddamn lives.

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