where there’s a will…and merch…

Cut just in case you haven’t finished DAI:Trespasser yet.


It can be done. *glowers* If he has to die for what he has done…either let us be able to Impossible Girl this (probably a worldbuilding nightmare, I bet–and sadly unlikely) or give us an end-of-mononoke moment.

“I visited the place in the Fade where my friend used to be. It’s empty. But there are stirrings of energy in the void. Someday something new may grow there.”

Give us that at least. I who will devote weeks to a “catharsis doesn’t always mean redemption”-themed fic would not see Solas suffer that! We should be able to redeem him! To save a small part of him. If, again, he must die. I would prefer that he not. I would prefer that he be reminded that it is not the job of the planet to pay for his hubris. It’s his and his alone. If/when he uses that old god soul to turn into a dragon…if we must slay him…let something new grow there someday.

“I would not have you see what I become.”

But we should insist on it and be able to save him from himself anyway. Dammit. He was brought to find value in this world once before! Remind him.

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