cooking in thedas : ferelden turnip and barley stew

Best. Stew. Ever.

I won’t post a picture because you can’t make stew pretty. But. It’s fantastic. Go make it now. Ohmygod.

Notes (for me if not for you):

  • Used 2 lbs turnips instead of 1, because misread the recipe
  • Used giant wad of spinach instead of turnip greens because the store cut the greens off the turnips we bought
  • Doubled the amount of each vegetable based on the turnip situation
  • Spices, barley and bean amounts stayed the same, as per the recipe
  • Used beef broth instead of stock because that’s what the store had
  • Wait a day to eat it–we made it the night before, then shoved it in the fridge and didn’t touch it till the next day (too tired). The resultant melding of flavors, as the recipe suggests, makes the wait worth it!

I make a lot of stews. This is better than all those. Eat it.

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