tiny dragon age twine is tiny

…but here is a thing! That could happen! Hypothetically!* If you haven’t used Twine before you want to open the html file with a browser once you have downloaded it. If you have an editor like Sublime installed, the default will be to open it there, and that’s not gonna help you at alll. (Though it’s interesting to see how they pack those Twine files, it’s true.)

Erm, spoilers for Dragon Age comics and Dragon Age : Inquisition.

I hadn’t used Twine before–I prefer InkleWriter and have used it for a couple of projects; but I get that Twine has visual style much friendlier to vast storylines (which I fully acknowledge I didn’t exactly take advantage of here).

*Eh, prolly not, since it’s a bit of a hamfisted way to bring that conflict into fruition–but then perhaps the time for subtlety is past? I don’t know.


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