nano pride

Things that contributed to the completion of this year’s NaNoWriMo (the zillionth I’ve participated in, but only the first I’ve ever finished!), in no particular order:
1.) I wanted to write a story I could conceivably read to any future children

2.) I wanted said story to explain feelings about dementia, race and transgender issues

3.) Africa: we were taught absolutely nothing about it in school. Ever. Everything I knew about it came from my mother, who lived there. I wanted to fix this.

4.) 80 Days: I wanted to play with the 19th century and its fallout the way this game does. I didn’t do it half so well, but I still wanted to try. This means, among other things, looking at colonialism and resistance to it.

5.) I was still riding the feel-good coattails of a bunch of Penumbra updates I did the previous month. Thanks, Penumbra commenters!

6.) The game that came out in November–because there is always a game that comes out in November–actually made me sad playing it, so it didn’t suck up all my time the way a dearly-beloved title like Dragon Age or an Elder Scrolls game would.

7.) We started using the espresso machine we got for our wedding years ago in earnest.

8.) Lufti. I’ve always found it hard to care for my characters the way I care for others’. But Lufti is awesome, dammit, and I’m proud he exists. I’d write another whole story just about him.

I’m sitting in a knit cap in a rainy window shovelling olives and tofu down my thoat and drinking what the bottle tells me is roasted dandelion root tea and The Cure’s “Pictures of You” just came on. And the first time I heard it was during an HP commerical before a movie in a theater, and I thought it was so awesome, and my heart hurt at the idea of there being, per the commerical’s promise, so much in a life you’d want to hold onto. But really there is. I didn’t think there could ever be that much but there is.


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