train like your nostrils aren’t frozen week 3



Temp: Right around zero. Snow. Wind.

Shoes: Merrell BareAccess Trail. Which are in fact grippier on snow, ice, and frozen slurry than their less colorful counterparts I tested last week.

Hunger: Rapacious. Due to cold?

Road wildlife: Gas leak, fight that combatants were vocally threatening to turn into a gunfight. Because, you know. America.

Not a great week. Cut the 18 mile run down to 10.5 when the wind picked up. It was just too cold — windchill around -10 — and I don’t have a face mask. Worrisomely, too, I experienced knee pain, which I’ve never had in my life. The internet, ever the reliable source, speculates that this may be a side effect of extreme cold conditions — something about it being more difficult for the body to lubricate its own joints. But it kind of sucked. True, there were frost slicks on my legs and my sunglasses had snow just sitting around their edges, so it was cold, but I mean…I was wearing long pants. My form was fine. My knees should be able to deal. I had one of those otherwise ridiculous rain vests on, so it broke the wind around my torso, but what are you supposed to do about your legs? Go for those swooshy windbreaker pants, 80s style? Would that even help? I ran at 20 below last year, but there was no wind then. The wind hurts.

On the up side: in the inevitable event that a long run day dawns and I forgot to buy gummies, incorporating the local running store into the route is both doable and relatively safe. I need to find a way to store the gummies so that they won’t freeze though. Chomping into a frozen gummy is not a way to make friends with your teeth. Ow.


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