train like you didn’t skip a week for illness…wait no, bad idea

Temp: GLORIOUS*. Fiercely warm and windy and sunny.

Shoes: I think the precursor to these? (Again, no model name on the tag…) Which would normally be fine — I wore them in the last marathon — but the cloth doesn’t shed water like the mesh on the other shoes does, which meant that all the giant puddles of snow that I couldn’t avoid permeated the shoe and the wool socks and stayed there, making for wet-shoe blisters. “This is how you get gangrene!” I told myself in Jessica Walter’s best “this is how you get ants!” voice, before ending the run early.

Hunger: Ravenous. I’ve never had to stop a run because I’m too hungry before. Granted I usually run right out the door in the mornings for long runs and I waited on this one to get as much of the snow melted as possible, but still. Does sudden sunlight increase metabolism?

Road wildlife: Throngs of people soaking up sunshine for the first time in forever.

*Note that this applies to the long run only. The weather the rest of the week was a bit crap.


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