it’s all about the boats

ESO’s Thieve’s Guild launched Monday!


There is, of course, new music (featuring more of the duduk, for which there is always room in my life), and new characters with decent voice acting (including an endearingly arachnophobic footpad whose VA, I was sure, was Razum-dar, but if so IMDB has not yet updated his credits…though I should point out that that particular rabbit hole delivered up the delightful revelation that most of us probably heard Raz’s VA for the first time as the narrator in the Sailor V video game in the game arcade in the original Sailor Moon.)

But let’s be honest here. It’s really all about the boats. These boats,


and these boats,


and more of those boats from a different angle,


and these other boats,


and okay also some cool city scenery.


But mostly it’s about the boats.

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