train like it’s not always something (and it’s always something)


Temp: 30s, snow, wind. (TODAY THOUGH AMIRITE?!)

Shoes: Both the newer Merrells. All Out Rush really does give noticeably more cushion. I noticed though that its sole is Merrell-branded; the Bare Access Trail are Vibram. Do you suppose as a shoe company you eventually want to inch away from Vibram if you can? Are there pretty steep licensing agreements? I assume so. Still, the Vibram trail shoes do cling better to snow than the less-intense Merrell-brand soles.

Hunger: Ah…for food? Fine. But for water? Are there words to describe the despair of reaching for your waist water bottle at mile 12 and discovering that you’d missed a thread in twisting it shut and it had all leaked down your leg — your leg, which was too numbed by the cold to feel the icy slick of water down its side? Conversely, I’ve yet to be able to adequately describe the euphoric taste of humble tapwater when you so desperately, desperately need it.

Road wildlife: Gangly college runner boy who actually waved hello in passing. No one ever says hello here. Ever. I’ve stopped trying. So thank you, crazy kid in short shorts in snow. Buck the trend! Defy the chilly demeanor of your statesmen and say hello now and again. It will probably go okay. At the very least you’ll make people who hail from places where saying hello is normal feel good.



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