train like forte week 7



She does love running. But then when she slips and says so she tries to take it back and say it’s just “for training.” What gives, Forte? I’d happily go running with you. Especially when it’s warm enough for people to be catcalling. Go on, asshats. Yell at the girl with the giant sword. See how long you keep your puny ones.

Temp: 30s, 40s. Gloves required in morning, though.

Shoes: Black Merrells unless running pre-work in which case road flats (have to rush).

Hunger: Recovered from Worst Food-Poisoning Since Granada. Hunger assuaged by Ferelden turnip and barley stew.

Road wildlife: Not much. Just cold enough for no one to come out yet.

I, um…really hope I can do this race. Between weather and illness (and a house application meaning a temp gym membership in lieu of weather improvement wasn’t an option) I’ve skimped on a lot of the mid-week runs. Granted, every marathon I’ve done I screwed up the training program somehow, and the last one more than most — but that one was all downhill anyway, so I didn’t have to feel like I paid for it. There isn’t a way around fifty miles of fuckedness, though, if I don’t get back on track here…

And yes, there has been much Rune Factory 4. Because, last night especially, my legs were not pleased with me at trying to do the full-length long run after a week of vacation and then illness.



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