train like you’re not gonna screw up week 8


Temp: 40s

Shoes: robin’s egg blue merrells (best colors ever btw merrell!)

Hunger: Meh

Road Wildlife: Lots of kids on easter egg hunts. Also, a 1973 Firebird.

Toenail Casualties: 2

Finally did the full long run I was supposed to this week, plus all the other runs. (Well, minus two miles. But the sun came out and I ran out of water.) It wasn’t the run last week that upset my legs, I think — it was the squats with the lifting. Because even on a 20 mile run my legs were imperturbable. It was the rest of me that grew tired. So much so that that sweet inescapable wall of sleep slammed down hard Saturday night. Granted, there is no stopping the sleep train for me usually anyway — no amount of coffee will stave it off — but I highly recommend long runs for people who struggle with insomnia. I don’t think your body could fight off sleep after that kind of exertion. And there is no sleep like the post-long run sleep. It doesn’t matter how you’re positioned; whether you’re in a bed, on a chair or in the dirt (this is why I don’t mind using campsites at races). You are out.

You don’t even have the energy for nightmares. I dreamed the Lions won.


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