I had picked out colors for the new house using Sherwin Williams’ site, but my dad and the internet suggested Behr might be a better choice. So I set about trying to match colors across brands and was amused at the different naming conventions. Behr has a slightly more…realistic, shall we say, outlook. What Sherwin Williams calls Banana Cream, Behr calls Cheese Dust.


So here are some more suggestions, Behr! In the interest of keeping it real. Like Behr.

Dawn Mist Gray > Dirty Socks
Terracotta Sunrise > Rusty Backhoe
Blushing Strawberry > Gum Stuck To Pavement
Sun-Splashed Patio > Smooshed Peep
Evening Primrose > That Color Your Mother In Law’s Face Turns When You Make An Off-Color Joke at Dinner



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