train like you weren’t crushed when you overheard someone say they skip all your training posts : week 12

Temp: 50s-60s

Shoes: Yeah so…had to ditch the Merrells with the mileage increase. I fought it forever but they’re just too small. They’re okay if it’s freezing cold and your feet don’t expand too much but not now that it’s warmer. So I went in search of Altras the running store didn’t have — the ones bright as parrots. No luck on those, and I needed them that day to start breaking them in so I had no interest in placing an order. The store guy began a conciliatory spiel I am long familiar with.

“So, ah, if those others were uncomfortable, I mean, would you be open to, er, trying men’s shoes? It’s just that sometimes they’re a little more forgiving in the toe box and these companies, you know, they don’t really understand–”

“I don’t care if they’re pink and sparkly. I need to run 50 miles in them.”

“Okay then! Let’s try these ones on!”

So I got men’s zero-drop Altras in Happy Meal colors, and ran 12 miles in them. Immediately noticeable improvement on the downhills. Downhill in the Merrells was torture because my toes slammed right up against the shoe the whole way. Running downhill should not be torture. It should be a gift. Thank you running store guy for these big boxy Altras. Downhill is now as awesome as it should be.

Hunger: Eat all the things.

Road Wildlife: Bunches of kids with basketballs. A lot of pitbulls. Some large beautiful red dog whose gardening owner panicked when she realized it was trotting over to slobber me. No need for concern, lady. I love your giant slobbery dog. It’s like a small horse.

I think I will get the N7 hat to go with the top for the race. I’m not generally a proponent of ball caps but no one likes sunburned skull where the part in your hair is (or falls, when running, no matter how tightly you tie your ponytail) and honestly that last humid-as-hell marathon really sold me on the utility of ball caps, however much I dislike them. So I figure if I’m going to wear one it should at least be part of the get-up. And in the MCM (I made the lottery! yay!) I don’t want to appear to claim an affiliation I lack (via borrowing an actual military hat for the occasion from my dad, for example). I’ll just wear the regalia of the only ship I ever served on…


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