random music fridays : take five

Met husband due to this song. Got to see it performed in Brubeck’s final year of life and it was spectacular. All four of them had these tremendous long solos and everyone fretted for their health (especially the drummer’s!) but they did it anyway.


  1. Timothy Streasick · August 4, 2016

    When I was in High School one of my favorite performances was playing Marimba 1 on Blue Rondo A La Turk. Brubeck 4 Lyfe, ya’ll.

    • metaphlame · August 5, 2016

      Mannnn our school didn’t get to do anything half so cool. Is his timing really that difficult? It’s supposed to be but I know nothing about music…?

      • Timothy Streasick · August 5, 2016

        I think if people are patient with kids they can get into his time signatures, but his stuff is pretty irregular and backwards from what most high school bands/orchestras play.

        Take Blue Rondo (the only one I can speak to) – it’s in 9/8 time, which is really messy if you’re used to things like 4/4. Really, aside from 6/8 most (x)/8 time signatures are just weird for most Middle/High Schoolers, because most of our common music isn’t written in it.

        Just to give you an idea of how messed up it can feel, let’s say you get used to counting “one and two and three and four and one and…” over and over. Blue Rondo makes you count “One and two and three and one and a one and…”That extra “a” throws everything off a little bit in your head and you’re tempted (or, at least, I was always tempted) to speed up in order to get to the “one” in the rhythm that you’re used to. Then the fourth measure in ala Turk comes with it’s phrase that’s split into three bits (so it sounds like ONE and a TWO and a THREE and a) and you’re just like “screw the world I’m done go away.”

        But luckily my school had a percussion instructor who was pretty dedicated to getting us used to horrendously off kilter time signatures. One of our marching cadences (that he wrote, with sadistic glee) moved from 4/4 to 7/8 to 7/16 and then had us back in 4/4 BUT, oh, the accents are all on offbeats and then there’s the 6 beat silence where everyone’s just marching without any rhythm and we come back in as thought it’s beat one but it’s actually beat two lol just kidding.

        We weren’t allowed to play it unless the band practiced for a week beforehand.

      • Timothy Streasick · August 5, 2016

        Correction, 9/8 is “One and Two and Three and *Four* and a One…”

      • metaphlame · August 6, 2016

        Hokay, if we have a kid you get to be That Musical Pseudo-Uncle. All my pseudo-aunts ever taught me was how to do the hokey pokey. I feel like…all that above…is a massive step up!

      • Timothy Streasick · August 7, 2016

        Me right now:

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