lifetime happiness points

In seeking old Maxis game soundtracks, sifting through SimFarm and SimTown and SimSafari, and finally reaching The Sims, I stumbled onto this brief compilation. Which contained this comment thread:

My heart bleeds as I listen to this. Honestly, my life turned to shit after 2004. This reminds me of the better times. I was happier. This is a souvenir, a keep sake. Thanks for sharing this treasure.
What happened, if I may ask?
+Leon 3000 I began to deal with depression as i got older.
Ah, that sucks, does medication help?
+Leon 3000 I cope. So no medication for me. Plus, I don’t tell people I’m depressed.
I had the same problem from 18-22. Then I met some guys from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was never interested in religion and had always heard bad things about the “Mormons”. After some time allowing them to teach me, I started to read The Book of Mormon and the Bible as they asked me. It wasn’t easy, but I could feel my life changing gradually. Today, 5 years later, I am a member of this church, married, have 2 kids, and can guarantee that be baptize in this church was the best medicine I could ever have!
+Baspa Araujo that’s interesting. I know very little about mormons. I don’t know any personally. I was raised christian and I continue to tell people i’m christian but the truth is, I’ve lost my faith entirely. I haven’t prayed in years and when I try, I just have no words because i don’t even believe in what I’m saying. It’s a great thing you found a way out. Thanks for sharing.
+Grey Mouse surprised to see this is from 4 days ago, insofar as I could actually comment here and you would see it, and it may mean something. How random too, when I went nostalgia hunting on a whim, to find this. Raised devoutly Christian and even having worked in a Christian summer camp which I loved for some years, I lost my faith entirely as well. The logic of life demanded me to see things as they are: shitty. Realistic, hard, and at times rewarding. And now that you got me thinking, I feel like those raised with heavy religion from ignorant past generations are more likely to feel the crushing weight of depression when the reality of life kicks in, coupled with our being so much more informed (in the Information Age, very much as written in the philosophy of the Ecclesiastes) that meaning in life is subjective, fleeting, perhaps even nonexistent. That’s why they clung to a “higher power”, believing “he’s just testing us.” Bullshit.
I liken this to the millennial generation (myself) having been raised thinking we would be rock stars, presidents, and princesses–only to grow up in a harsh world to find that we aren’t so special, and no great overlying force would pave the way of salvation for us. At the end of the day, organized religion and in my opinion the doting of nervous parents are forms of vapid insecurity (imho). People forgot that they, themselves, you and I, are the forces that shaped this world and all of humanity’s accomplishments. I can feel depressed at times: I failed out my first year of school, went through drug addictions, lost many that I loved and still have a sister who’s coming out of having lost years of her young life to addiction. Now I’m back in school having started a company from the ground up with my brother and father and made something for myself. I’m no longer depressed, because I saw that I was the only thing that could solve that, could solve my problems, make something work.
And I grew up with games like the sims. I eventually traded them for books. I grew up with the stories of the bible, I eventually traded them for Roger Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles (to name a few.) Intellectual enlightenment far surpasses any religious madness, shirking the responsibilities of suffering through life and trying our best, knowing that it’s us that’s doing good, not some guiding hand. I urge you to understand that in this world, first and foremost, you have yourself. And you can pull yourself out of anything (if you pay a small fee of $20 per month for my personalized motivational videos sent directly to you.) Be the best you, with my help. OMG IM SO KIDDING. Forgive the note of levity to lighten the mood. If you have to, go see a doctor or a therapist. Maybe they could help. If I were you, I’d take a good long look in the mirror at the fucker staring back at you, and say “there’s the asshole who’s going to make shit work for me.” It’s you and only you. You started
in this world the same way that all the greatest minds of our history did: just a person. Sorry to rant at you but I just saw so much of myself in what you said that I thought I might be able to help a bit. Remember that no ones going to do it for you man. But that’s fine. That’s damn fine, if you want it to be. Big ups, Random internet stranger.
+dublonz55 you’re very helpful. I appreciate your words for real. I agree with you when you say that the problem is the way our parents beat religion into our heads. They emphasize on religion and not so much the spiritual aspect of it. What does religion do for me when I hit rock bottom? I almost feel like the whole thing is emotional blackmail. If i don’t pray or whatever, i will be punished. I don’t really need professional help. I’m not suicidal. Plus, it will jeopardize my career

Let it not be said that we are incapable of addressing the darkness in our hearts with games, or that we are alone in doing so.


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