greetings from tamriel

I hadn’t logged into ESO in some time, but popping in for some Saturday morning pvp last weekend in the middle of a snowstorm proved to be an excellent idea.


Since I was already there, I figured I’d work a little more on the Dark Brotherhood questline I’d abandoned when I realized my shiny new character might be wasting all those sweet set bonuses, causing them to scale to her very low level and make them essentially worthless later on. (I left off right before One Tamriel, which I didn’t entirely understand anyway, such that I didn’t know that there are way more set pieces, now, all of which scale. So I wasn’t losing as much, armor-wise.)


Governor Fortunata, of Anvil (which was always my favorite town in Oblivion, I think because of its seaside locale and taverns rife with pirates? plus the Grey Fox of course…), is apparently a woman who knows what she wants.


You get to share a drink with her. Sort of.


Then the holiday quests came out. Again, I hadn’t understood One Tamriel properly — I figured I had little to gain from it since I’d already purchased the Imperial Edition when the game came out, allowing me to create any character on any faction. That was not what One Tamriel did. It made all zones scalable, and all factions playable, whether or not you’d finished the main quest. This is huge. This lets you, for example, run all the way to Kynesgrove from wherever you started, so you too can participate in the holiday quest there. And since that quest sends you all the way across the continent to other places you haven’t been, you get to see a ton of content you haven’t before! Or which you hadn’t seen in awhile.


Reaper’s March is the last zone I’d never seen on a proper playthrough before — my AD character was just shy of this zone before I tired of playing her sans pvp** and switched back to my DC main for necessary Cyrodiil time. Reaper’s March is beautiful.


This is the town they have you visit for the holiday quest. And see that building on the left? looking out onto the waterfall? That’s the khajit-style house you’ll be able to buy come February, when the Homestead update comes out. They’re already in the game, scattered throughout, and that’s one of them. Want. The reason I’m leveling up this character is to once again attempt to get her skilled at all the crafts — since the teaser trailer for the Homestead said we could use our crafting abilities to furnish our houses. Thus, I must learn ALL THE CRAFTING ABILITIES.


Seriously this is the prettiest town. Once I finish the holiday stuff I’m heading back to do the whole zone. And it won’t matter that I’m only in the 20s because it scales now! Yay.


One holiday quest has you entertain the masses. And you thought the only swords you’d have to face whilst adventuring would be held by adversaries. You were so wrong.

**Some clarification for non-players: you can of course pvp on all your characters. But for understandable reasons (see: spying) you can’t play two characters of different factions on the same pvp server. Since the kind of pvp you enjoy (under level 50, with or without champion points, 7-day vs 30-day, etc) is generally only going to be hugely active on one server, you have to reserve most pvp for one faction, or pay huge alliance points costs to shuffle characters around servers. My mains are all DC, so that means any EP or AD alts I make aren’t going to be able to access the highly-active pvp servers my mains do. Thanks to One Tamriel, I could hang out and do everything with you no matter what faction you were — except pvp, where faction counts, because that’s the point. So if I want to pvp — and sooner or later I always want to pvp, because ESO’s is the best — I have to do it on my DC characters. At least if I want to end up on a fully-populated, active Cyrodiil.


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