for the dinotopia lover in all of us

ARK: Survival Evolved prompts very visceral responses when I mention it (both for and against), but I think maybe those come from people marooned in the hellscape of public servers, where trolls lie in wait to shank you the minute you come into the world, over and over and over again.

Rent your own server, though, and invite only your friends, and it’s much more fun. And gorgeous. Did I mention gorgeous?


Dawn light is the best light, in art as in life


Forest gleaming post-downpour


Don’t know what those towers are, don’t care. LOOK AT THE SUNSET.


Honestly every lighting effect. EVERY ONE. I know Oblivion had more involved lighting effects than Skyrim. This is that, but modern-day. The fire’s flickering, and its change up in the canyons of the tree branches or the tight confined space of my shack…so so well done.




Shack 2.0


The Impeccable Alfonso


Misleadingly small glimpse of what I am told is the largest dinosaur in the game


Fighting evil by moonlight. Blasted dilophosaurii…


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