molly yeh’s sprinkle biscotti

So I could spend a lot of time defending the predictably pedestrian nature of this post, ranging everywhere from the fact that, surprise, many of the people who shape games (even their music) are trash and it’s hard to talk about / enjoy them right now; to the fact that it’s a relief, re: my child, to finally care as much about something as I’m supposed to (see: a decade of a career I don’t miss); to a surly and entirely unnecessary bristling at the petty disdain leveled by people you’d otherwise respect at the pursuit of pastimes resolutely outside the field, from which no one intends to extract any speaking engagements, book deals, or changed life courses. You don’t have to turn everything you enjoy into a hustle, people. You can, you know. Just enjoy things.

But instead I’ll simply let you know that this recipe does indeed work out with whole wheat flour (again, it’s what I’ve got on hand), and that yes, per the Saveur article last week, bourbon continues to be an excellent and economical substitute for costly vanilla.

And yes, next time I will buy many, many more sprinkles. Obviously.

Recipe here. (Sidenote: my sister got me into Molly Yeh’s recipes with a giant stock of her lactation muffins when I had bebbeh, so over a hurried dinner while baby slept husband and I queued up her show. He noted, and I agree, that there are many similarities between her and Jester from Critical Role. If Jester had a cooking show on the North Dakota-Minnesota border, it would look a lot like Girl Meets Farm. Just maybe with more dick-shaped cookies.)

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