drink of the (other) day : varric vodka


We took the Varric tea from Cara McGee and put it in a water infuser we received a few years ago. Unfortunately it may have sat there too long…a week makes for some awfully strong-flavored vodka. Since the whole reason I’m pretty meh on vodka is its lack of flavor, I thought this would be okay. It may have been overkill.

Still, put some simple syrup and ice in there and it’s palatable. Spicy but ultimately sweet. I’d like to try the Sera tea next (it’s one of my favorites of her teas, and I’ve tried all of the ones that have box art), but I might cut its infusion off after a day or two. Also I’m not sure if sprinkles sitting in vodka is okay. Will they still dissolve like in the hot water? We will have to see. For science!


the blessed rhubarb

I made this goddamn amazing pie and now you can too. The crust is from World of Thedas Vol.2 because trying to google a crust recipe gives you an Internet shitstorm. Just eat the pie.

drink of the day


Or rather, two.

Because Short’s finally made the perfect variety box. Because I’m neither swamped with work nor sick. Because it’s just after midnight. Behold! The single most drinkable ale on the planet — the Earl of Brixom — plus this delightful new London Fog brown ale (I love brown ales!) that, rather than the mysteriously choking miasma of its namesake, imparts a pleasant sweetness beyond its thick rich exterior. The label purports this to be a concoction of Earl Grey tea, vanilla and lactose. The most comparable beer I can think of is Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout (taste not thickness I mean), but where that has coffee this has the Earl Grey. Except it doesn’t taste quite like Earl Grey, which is to its benefit because Earl Grey always tastes like Fruit Loops to me. So this tastes like the ghost of Earl Grey, minus the fruit loop-y bergamot. It’s goooood.

drink of the day

Chocolate? Check. Dark enough that it swallows light? Check. This is everything I want in a beer. I don’t even think they were showing this around at beer fests last summer or I’d’ve remembered it. Nom.