like the road to solitude (but much, much warmer)

Today, in honor of Skyrim’s switch release, I walked 13 miles to the sea, laid down my pack for a pillow, and slept.

Along the way I assuredly literally and not remotely poetically got trapped in the angels’ gated community, and I was so frustrated at being stuck that I stomped back across the ridge that had dumped me there and turned south toward the sea.

I figured it was a very Skyrim thing to do. An even more Skyrim thing to do would have been to grab a mead at the end of the trail, but a.) although I enjoy mead, they don’t here, and b.) in an effort not to be constantly checking the location of my wallet in the backcountry, I left all my IDs at home. Alas.

I did bring appropriate music, though. I suppose it is in poor taste to repost a commercial, but never has a commercial’s music choice more adequately expressed what I seek to gain out of their product:


playing w/ free app o’ week


messed with with colorburn

That’s me in ME2. The same facial construction — I imported — gets softened, a bit, in ME3 in ways I’m not totally comfortable with. It’s higher-res, yeah, but the haircut that here looks utilitarian looks, in ME3, wispy and styled, and the makeup gets more “smoky eye.” If anyone should be past the need for wasting time getting that eyeshadow just right in the morning, it’s Shepard.*

The things you say, though, are markedly different, even this early in the game (I’ve only played, I think, five hours). The “gritty spacer” background takes much more of a backseat now, I think, to the experiences you’ve actually brought your character through. So her emotional reactions to things are colored more by recent events, which you’re able to remember, than by this cut-and-dry emotional type you pick at the very beginning back in ME1. (Though technically I didn’t do an import from 1, so if these changes are visible in 2 if you imported from 1, I remain unaware.)

I’m also pleased at the more nuanced take on the paragon/renegade dynamic in this one. I had feared, before playing any of the Mass Effect games, that there would be a clear political divide there. I had seen some of the conservative blowhards in Starcraft that my husband openly loathed (“Seriously, guys? You’re going to go Freebird on this one? GTFO”), and honestly space, as a landscape for storytelling, is ripe for these kind of born-again Manifest Destiny libertarian wankfests that so galvanize the fanbases. I worried that was the dichotomy we’d be given with paragon/renegade. But it’s not. “Renegade” actions aren’t the “hurr, fuck the government, this is my asteroid!” kind of default actions I expected. Which is good. Reducing space to another American Tale is a waste of storytelling.

*All right, that’s not fair. I get the at-times ritualistic nature of putting on a face every day to throw at the world. I do it too. But really Shepard has got some shit to do that should probably place eyeshadow firmly on the back burner…

we are cool



Posters from firlachiel. We were going to wait until we owned a house, with a gaming room, but I figured 1.) that would take too long, and 2.) why establish a precedent for banishing the things you love to parts of a home little-trafficked by others? 

Loud and proud, people.