i will miss this coast




I remember Stephen Colbert describing singing as yoga for all the parts of your body you couldn’t see. Wide open spaces like this are like that for my brain. I get that same juddering sigh I get when I come over a rise onto the Whiterun plains in Skyrim and the French horn starts.

Or, not to belabor the point, it’s like when you’re little and spin around till you fall down, dizzy, and you clutch at the grass and have never been so grateful for it, because it feels like it’s the only thing anchoring you to the earth.

like the road to solitude (but much, much warmer)

Today, in honor of Skyrim’s switch release, I walked 13 miles to the sea, laid down my pack for a pillow, and slept.

Along the way I assuredly literally and not remotely poetically got trapped in the angels’ gated community, and I was so frustrated at being stuck that I stomped back across the ridge that had dumped me there and turned south toward the sea.

I figured it was a very Skyrim thing to do. An even more Skyrim thing to do would have been to grab a mead at the end of the trail, but a.) although I enjoy mead, they don’t here, and b.) in an effort not to be constantly checking the location of my wallet in the backcountry, I left all my IDs at home. Alas.

I did bring appropriate music, though. I suppose it is in poor taste to repost a commercial, but never has a commercial’s music choice more adequately expressed what I seek to gain out of their product: